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The announcement has been created to commemorate the city-state’s”bicentennial this year, in light of the importance the Singapore River Bridges and the Padang need to our development and growth as a country”, stated NHB at a discharge.

It noted the approaching gazettes will accord the websites with”the maximum degree of preservation in view of the national importance”.

The Singapore River Bridges — containing the Cavenagh, Anderson and Elgrin Bridges — would be the very architecturally striking and historic bridges crossing the Singapore River.

Besides playing a very important role in Singapore’s growth as a city and a trading interface, the Singapore River Bridges also”represent the development of engineering technologies in bridge building in the mid-19th into the mid-20th centuries”.

Among the earliest open areas in Singapore for public recreation, the Padang, on the other hand, has become a commemorative area for individuals to gather and take part in key historical landmarks of Singapore, stated NHB.

It’s borne witness to key historical events like the swearing-in of Yusof Ishak as head-of-state in 1959; statement of the merger with Malaysia in 1963; and also the first National Day Parade at 1966.

The Padang is flanked by various national monuments such as the Cenotaph, Tan Kim Seng fountain, Lim Bo Seng Memorial, former Supreme Court, Civilian War Memorial in Addition to Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall.

“The Padang and the Singapore River Bridges are critical to Singapore’s early years,” explained NHB manager of the preservation of monuments and sites branch Jean Wee.

“Both these impending gazettes will bring about the cultural and architectural diversity of our country’s built heritage, and with our 72 additional National Moshe added.