The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) closed the tender for the residential and commercial website at Sengkang Central today.

The website was launched available through the Concept and Price (C&P) earnings tender system on 28 December 2017. Under this method, just the envelopes containing concept suggestions were opened now and URA obtained a total of 7 tender entries.

Visit Sengkang Grand Residences floor plan to see more project details.

Tenderers for the subject website at Sengkang Central have to publish their idea proposals and tender costs in two different envelopes.

The idea proposals will be evaluated by a Concept Assessment Committee according to a set of standards given in the tender (see Annex B [PDF, 208kb]). Only tenders that meet the test standards will be considered for award. In the next point, the cost envelopes of these proposals with suitable theories will be opened for consideration. The website will then be given to the tenderer with the maximum bid price among people who have decent concept proposals.

This isn’t a statement of tender award. A decision about the award of the tender will be created after the tenders are assessed. This will be printed at a later date.